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Entity Framework Exception - A referential integrity constraint violation occurred

Entity Framework Exception - A referential integrity constraint violation occurred. When you get this type of the exception it just simply means that you need to match Ids of the related entities.

Exception: A referential integrity constraint violation occurred: The property value(s) of 'Image.Id' on one end of a relationship do not match the property value(s) of 'BaseEntity.SomeImageId' on the other end. 

A typical mistake that cause this exception is:

baseEntity.SomeImageId (type of Image)



Does not match.

So if you change the new added related entity to the negative Ids (see the related blog post), then you also need to modify the parent end of the Id (one end of the relationship as Entity Framework expression goes). So that both "ends" have the same Id value.


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  3. I have just been experiencing the same issue and the resolution to mine was that I had added mappings to the association and then setup the referential contstraints.

    Inorder to resolve the issue I had to open the mappings window for the association and there was a link to delete the mappings. Once done the Mapping Details window then said Mappings are not allowed.. It appears that adding the referential constraint leaves any mappings in place.

    Thought it may be worth posting in case anyone else is looking for solutions to this error message in the future.

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