Sunday, 6 May 2012

New blog engine for the Peter Stegnar programming blog

I have decided to move on with from the custom local blog hosting to the more "modern" variant - cloud.

There are numerous advantages to this. One of the main is availability. Since I have hosted blog in my own infrastructure this was not very reliable service (power and network outages). So now must be much better. If you wonder what was the reliability rate I can tell you, thanks to the great tool Pingdom. It was around 90%-98%. Another main reason is outdated blog. It is '09 release of the DasBlog blog engine. Archaic design, I mess with the blog posting code and so I could only write in pure HTML ... And so consequently I did not write much, actually near to none. I hope I will change this a bit.

You can still reach the old blog:


  1. Welcome back to blogosphere Peter. I'll eagerly await your next posts. I have to finish few of those that have been in draft for some time. :)

  2. Thank you Robert! I have a long list to finish, I hope some things will be interesting.

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